Feb 01, 2006

Getting ready to leave Florida this weekend (currently in Cape Coral, FL)

Feb 07, 2006

Getting ready to leave the house. Airborne is all ready to go. We should head out this Saturday 02/11/2006 to get ready to cross the Gulf Stream over to the Bahamas.

April 04, 2006

Left Jamaica last week. Visited Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Dunns River Falls, sent our Grandson Hunter some cute Jamaica baby clothes (Irie Mon'). We are now off the coast of Honduras headed for La Ceiba. We've had a little bit of transmission trouble, so we are sailing in the rest of the way. Should be close tomorrow afternoon... Current LAT & LONG: 16'36"80-N x 85'01"98-W

April 05, 2006

Made it to Gaunaja, Honduras (most eastern Bay Island). We know someone here from Belize (yah!). Taking the transmission back to the US and getting a replacement. Got towed in to the harbor and life is now great again :-)

May 03, 2006

Left the Bay Islands. On our way to Roatan... about 30 miles away now! Lots of bug bites in the islands. Very smooth anchorage, but the bugs! Planning to restock the fridge in Roatan. Our fridge got cleaned out while in 'storage' :-)