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Where were they in 2004?

2004/02/20   Hello all,  The weather controls all cruisers. We finally got a short good
weather window and escaped from Dom Rep. The last place called Samana was
like a Mediterainian village. Nice restuarants and many shops. The big thing is whale
watching. We saw a 50 foot whale jump clear out of the water staight up. It was
about 100yds from our boat and Rosie instantly grabbed our life vests. You never
really quite know where they're going to be. We saw several others in various stages
of coming up for air and just playing. It is mating season. The wx has been hard on
cruisers. Two different boats hit reefs and sunk over the past three days. No one
killed but all their stuff gone. We are about 20 miles from Boqouron, Puerto Rico as
I write this. Will get in just before dark. Finally stores with food like we are used to
in States. Will be waiting for another wx window by next Tuesday. Well, enough of
our problems.

P.S. temps have been mid 80s day,low 70s nite.
It is a rough life, but sombody has to do it.
Have a good time and enjoy your seasons,

love, rose and major

2004/02/08   Hi Guys,  We are still here at Luperon. The winds and waves are real strong
and bad outside the harbor on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. The earliest
may be Thursday and even then it won't be real good. It will be in and out along the coast,
but the best place is right here so why beat ourselves up. Even further east near the VI's
it is going to be bad for 10 more days. Three boats that we know tried to leave last night,
but turned around within a couple hours and came back. They said it was ferocious out
there. There are about 100 boats here now. We have had most of our meals in town
where we can have 2 full meals for under $10 total. There are groceries here but no fresh
produce or fruits. This morning we ran into town and got a Sunday Miami Herald
(International edition) for 40 cents. We went to the Cascades (waterfalls) the other day.
The water was cold and we didn't go to the top level to slide or jump down like a lot of
people did. It was a long drive and hike through the woods to see things.

2004/01/18   We are now in Georgetown, Bahamas. We arrived yesterday
and are one of 176 boats. Apparently the number is down drastically from
the several hundred at this time prior to the implementation of the current
high entrance, fishing and customs fees. Boats 1'-35'; $150, over 35'; $300.
Anyway, the Bahamian down-island businesses are hurting from the absence
of boats protesting or refusing to pay the new fees so this is subject to change.

We crossed over from Key Biscayne to North Cat Cay in a kind of bouncy trip on
the 4th of January. The next day across the Banks to Chubb Cay was a little
better. Finally, over to Nassau was fantastic with a brief shower, to wash off
the boat, just before entering Nassau harbor. There have been so many weather
fronts rolling through Florida and the Bahamas that many boats are just standing
still trying to hang onto the bottom with all the anchors they can put out. It has
been a process of finding a day here or a day there and going as fast as you can
before the next big blow.

2004/01/16   We are at Little Farmer Cay and will depart in the morning for
Georgetown. Ten years ago we spent the night before our departure
with Wildgoose and Never Monday. By the way, Wildgoose made it around
the world!!! I just read that in one of the Seven Seas Cruising Association
Newsletters. The last we heard Never Monday made it to Australia. It was
86F today, but the water is a little too nippy to go swimming.

2004/01/03   We left yesterday from Florida with 2 other boats, headed for
Bahamas landfall.  We will stop at Gun Key before heading across to
Nassau on Saturday for an expected landfall on Tuesday in Allen Key,
Bahamas (just south of Nassau).

Some pictures of Airborne!

Rose on Allen Key
with a new friend

Georgetown, Bahamas
1/18/2004 - 176 Boats

Major, Rose and Maj
in Clearlake, TX

The view from the Top

What are the next steps?

Head to the Dominican Republic, then Puerto Rico, the USVI then
maybe down to the Grenadines or Venezuela then back up
the leeward and windward island chains towards the States
once again!